Why should I become a member?

  • Leadership - Take on Roles and Responsibilities as a Leader and play a role in the Development of Future Leaders
  • Activism - Like Minded Individuals Pursuing Best Practices and Cutting Edge Ideas
  • Social - Young Active Professionals Having Fun, Making New Friends and Building Relationships
  • Community - Motivation and Support to Help the Community Thrive
  • Professional - Refining Individual Efforts, Practices, and Skills
  • Work - Build a Better Organization for the Future
  • Play - Participate in Social Events and Sport Leagues
  • Involvement - Working on Committees and Volunteering in the Community
  • Future - Positioning to Achieve Your Goals
  • Benefit - HYP Passport Program and Member Only Events
  • Membership - Your Statement as a young professional

Harrisburg Young Professionals is a group of young men and women taking an active interest in the development of his or her community.  The mission is simple: serve as a catalyst to make Harrisburg a better place to live, work and play, while developing and retaining future leaders.  When the city thrives the region thrives.  The young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Join HYP in the pursuit of a better place to live, work and play.

Step 1: Become a  Member!

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As a member you will not only be making a statement as a young professional, but enjoying the benefits of membership.  Members receive the HYP Passport Card, which offers discounts at many participating businesses.  We will also keep you up to date on all the happenings within HYP and the City of Harrisburg.  HYP remains connected to city and regional events through the hard work of its committee volunteers.  Your membership with HYP is a positive statement about the values and ideals you hold and a dedication to your community at large.

Step 2: Attend Events!

There are a variety of ways for you to become involved with HYP, but you must take the lead! First, start with our New Member Socials to find the area within HYP that is the best fit for you.  Our Second Wednesday Socials and First Friday Happy Hours give you the opportunity to mingle with people who share similar interests.  We ensure our new members are welcomed and introduced to members at these events through our Ambassador Program. These events also give us the opportunity to get to know you. Volunteer at one of our many offered events.  Working and meeting new people at the same time is a great way to strike up new friendships.  Join a sports team.  You can join as an individual and be assigned a team.  We want to make sure our new members are welcomed and look to get as much out of HYP as anyone can.

Step 3: Get Involved!

Committees is where it all happens.  HYP is run by its members for its members.  We need members to continually volunteer for positions on or leading committees.  Committee work is an instant way to get involved, contribute to the organization and make new friends.  Taking on leadership opportunities only enhances your professional development, networking and leadership skills.  As young professionals, leadership opportunities do not avail themselves until later in our careers, but at HYP we are looking for people to lead immediately.  Is that you?